Thursday, November 19, 2009
Eliphas Levi

Eliphas Lévi, born Alphonse Louis Constant, (February 8, 1810 - May 31, 1875) was a French occult author and magician. "Eliphas Lévi," the name under which he published his books, was his attempt to translate or transliterate his given names "Alphonse Louis" into Hebrew although he was not Jewish. His second wife was French sculptress Marie-Noémi Cadiot.
Levi identified three fundamental principles of magic:
  • That the material universe is only a small part of total reality, which includes many other planes and modes of consciousness. Full knowledge and full power in the universe are only attainable through awareness of these other aspects of reality. One of the most important of these levels or aspects of reality is the "astral light", a cosmic fluid which may be molded by will into physical forms. 
  • That human willpower is a real force, capable of achieving absolutely anything, from the mundane to the miraculous. 
  • That the human being is a microcosm, a miniature of the macrocosmic universe, and the two are fundamentally linked. Causes set in motion on one level may equally have effects on another. 
Eliphas Levi - Dogma Et Rituel Part I.pdf
Eliphas Levi - Dogma Et Rituel Part II.pdf
Eliphas Levi - Mysteries.pdf
Eliphas Levi - Qabalah.pdf
Eliphas Levi - Sanctum Regnum.pdf


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